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Heather Locke is a our Area Executive Director for Oakridge and Homewood. She is also a Certified Nursing assistant and mother of two. Heather has been a dedicated employee with Circle of Life Assisted Living Communities since 2014. Heather enjoys the interacting with the culturally diverse groups of people, she has the opportunity of coming in contact with as a member of the Circle of Life Assisted Living Communities team. Heather enjoys hunting and spending time with her family. She believes that providing care with love, compassion, and a smile is the key to providing quality for the aging population of residents we serve.

Circle of Life takes an active role in the community through local sponsorship and involvement. 

On behalf of Circle of Life Assisted Living Communities, Mike Bay receives Lifetime Honorary Member Award presented by Janet Sampson of Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

Our commitment is to provide non-institutional community retirement living. We believe this commitment allows our residents to age in place with dignity, purpose, meaning, value, significance, love, joy, peace, security, hope, and wonder.

​​​​Jessica Murphy is our Director of Human Resources. She grew up in South Georgia and North Florida.  Jessica has worked with Circle of Life Assisted Living Communities since 2014. She believes the most important part of her job, as an administrator is providing the best possible care to her residents. Jessica fully comprehends the significance of her role and successfully provides residents care in a loving and stable environment. As a Licensed Administrator, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Pharmacy Tech with over 13 years in the medical field, Jessica understands what it takes to manage a Memory Care Unit and care compliance.

Jennifer Allender is a licensed CNA and Assisted Living Administrator. She is a vital part of our Circle of Life Assisted Living Community through our Limited Mental Health Assisted Living Facility, Eastside Care. Jennifer has worked in the medical field for eighteen years and has been apart of Eastside Care for 7 years. Jennifer’s ability to understand and connect with our residents brings a immeasurable amount of value to our team. In her spare time, she is dedicated to her family and enjoys spending time in the Florida sunshine with her husband and two daughters. Circle of Life is more than happy to have Jennifer Allender as a part of our communities.

About Us

​At Circle Of Life Assisted Living Communities, we are a diverse group of successful professionals lending unique perspectives to all aspects of retirement living and long term care. We follow a purpose driven approach to care, developed by our senior management team.

In each of our communities, our suites offer class and comfort. With our modern and fun motif, you're sure to enjoy your stay with us; whether you're here for respite care, or consider us your home.  You can sleep soundly knowing you or your loved ones are being cared for by our extensively trained, loving, and cheerful staff. 

​In each of our communities, we offer a variety of amenities:

Community Environments

Quiet Residential Locations

Minutes from Hospitals, Healthcare, and Shopping.

Weekly Planned Activities

Our communities offer 24 hour care with extensively trained and caring staff.

Whitney Avery is a part of our Circle of Life Communities through our Limited Mental Health Assisted Living Facility, Whitney is a lifelong Floridian. Whitney has worked in the medical field for over ten years. Whitney has been an employee of Circle of Life Assisted Living Communities since 2013. Managing a LMHF takes a unique individual who is not afraid to step up to the plate to make sure everyone is taken care of. Whitney possesses an exceptional understanding of what it takes to get the job done. When she is not spending her days ensuring our residents are safe, happy, and thriving; she is spending time with her family. Whitney is an important part of our organization and we appreciate her dedication to The Plantation and our residents.

Why us? Watch the video below to learn more about our approach and why we are the best of the best. We LOVE what we do and you will too!

Milton Smith of Circle of Life Communities talks storm preparedness and why living in one of our facilities is the best choice.

Mike Bay is from Fort White, Florida and has worked and owned assisted living facilities for the past 12 years. He is happily married with two children and enjoys hunting, classic cars, and outdoor activities. He is an integral part of Circle of Life Communities. Mike has owned and operated Assisted Living Facilities for the last 14 years.  Mike works closely with all of our facilities. He also helps with marketing and building community relationships for both our Assisted Living and Development Companies. Mike has a Business Management Degree from the University of Florida, is a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate, and has 9 years of banking experience in consumer, commercial and mortgage finance. Mike’s perspective paired with an unparalleled compassion for people proves him as an invaluable asset. 

Brenda Lacy grew up in the North Florida area. She graduated from Columbia High School and moved away at age 22.  Brenda married the love of her life, Chris, a US Navy Veteran of 22 years, with the dedication of their love for God, Country and Family.  While stationed in Texas, Brenda earned her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at Texas Woman’s University and a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Texas A&M. She has been a Licensed Dietitian for 20 years and a Nursing Home Administrator for 15 years. Her specialty is in Geriatrics.  Brenda has a passion for service above self, she has been involved in the culture change of Elder care, Certified Eden Alternative® where she believes an Elder-centered community combats loneliness and creates opportunity to give care, as well as, receive care.  Brenda is committed to serve as Chief Operational Officer for the current five Assisted Living Facilities within the Circle of Life Communities. She will also be instrumental in the development of future senior living environments. The Circle of Life Communities are committed to create a community where Elders can have a purposeful life and appeal to their hearts and minds.

Michelle Norris has lived in the Live Oak area over 25 years. She is married to Jimmy Norris and has three children, Brittney, Nicky & Dale.  She also has two grandchildren, Ean and Adley.  Michelle is part of a large close-knit family, all of whom live in the Live Oak community.  Michelle has been committed to caring for the Elderly. It mainly started when her Grandmother was admitted into an assisted living facility and then into a skilled nursing facility many years ago. Michelle grew to love the community of senior living by visiting her grandmother and learning about the precious lives of those who lived-in long-term care. She knew at that point she wanted to work in the homes of the Elderly. Michelle has been in the health care industry for over 14 years.  She has worked in various positions in the Long-Term Care community including Business Officer Manager, Human Resources Director and most recently as the Admission & Marketing Director at Surrey Place Care Center.  Michelle wanted to advance in her career and took the Assisted Living Core Training and passed the state exam awaiting the opportunity for advancement and to be a part of Circle of Life Communities. The team of Circle of Life Community is excited to have Michelle as the Executive Director of Rising Oaks Assisted Living Facility.